Rondo Puts On His Pimp Suit

May 7, 2009

Rajon Rondo has decided that this Celtics team is his team. It’s a worthy read, with a solid one liner by Rondo. Never mind the three perennial all stars, never mind that he’s 22, never mind that shortly after this decision to lead he shot 7-19 for 15 points. However, he dished 18 assists (to 3 turnovers), as well as leading the team in rebounds with 11.  That’s one fewer than Dwight Howard.

I swear to God that Rondo’s mission for this series is to become a star. He rarely does anything even resembling that huge flying dunk that split Howard and Lewis (6-11 C, 6-10 PF). Note that Howard, the league’s best shot blocker, didnt even try to contest a 6-1, 180 pound guy’s dunk attempt. (He has been trying to dunk over Howard all series and Dwight wants no part of it.) He came out firing and flying all over the court, throwing ridiculous bounce passes and putting the ball in Eddie House’s (31pts) hands every time down the court. And missing shots in the lane, but that’s okay.

He’s bringing life to a team we thought was dead, and trying to combine the intensity of Kevin Garnett with the media friendliness and explosiveness of (insert high profile shooting guard here, I can’t decide who). I don’t think this series will be more interesting than Lakers/Rockets, but I do think we’re seeing the birth of a star.