More On LBJ’s Future

May 11, 2009
Look at that body.

Look at that body.

A Cleveland area newspaper, in a rare moment of clarity, points out that the idea that the Cavs will have enough $$ to both pay James and another superstar free agent is a fallacy. If Cleveland resigns Varejao and/or Ilgauskas, and retains its first-round draft picks in ’09 and ’10, they’ll be unable to afford another top flight player. If they let Varejao and Ilgauskas go, and don’t sign a first rounder in either of the next two drafts, it’s not clear how they plan to win enough games or have enough talent to be an attractive long term spot for LeBron. Joe Smith and Ben Wallace are barely walking without canes at this stage of their careers.

I doubt LeBron is confident that the Cavs would go way over into the luxury tax in order to keep players around him. And without Varejao and some picks, they’re left with a trio of three point shooting PG’s and LeBron. Not exactly a foundation.

So instead you start talking about Tyson Chandler?? Even Oklahoma City didn’t want him. For free.

I do think LBJ could win a couple championships with Varejao, Chandler, Mo Williams, and Delonte West. But not as many as he could win with a different collection of guys, elsewhere.

Update: Look, obviously he likes it in Cleveland, and they’re committed to him, and the fans and city will forever worship, protect, and insulate him from anything bad ever happening.  All I’m saying is, the actual team around him isn’t necessarily going to be any better than anywhere else.  Cleveland can’t let up for an instant over the next year, while other teams can be building to have a renaissance at precisely the right time.


Rondo Puts On His Pimp Suit

May 7, 2009

Rajon Rondo has decided that this Celtics team is his team. It’s a worthy read, with a solid one liner by Rondo. Never mind the three perennial all stars, never mind that he’s 22, never mind that shortly after this decision to lead he shot 7-19 for 15 points. However, he dished 18 assists (to 3 turnovers), as well as leading the team in rebounds with 11.  That’s one fewer than Dwight Howard.

I swear to God that Rondo’s mission for this series is to become a star. He rarely does anything even resembling that huge flying dunk that split Howard and Lewis (6-11 C, 6-10 PF). Note that Howard, the league’s best shot blocker, didnt even try to contest a 6-1, 180 pound guy’s dunk attempt. (He has been trying to dunk over Howard all series and Dwight wants no part of it.) He came out firing and flying all over the court, throwing ridiculous bounce passes and putting the ball in Eddie House’s (31pts) hands every time down the court. And missing shots in the lane, but that’s okay.

He’s bringing life to a team we thought was dead, and trying to combine the intensity of Kevin Garnett with the media friendliness and explosiveness of (insert high profile shooting guard here, I can’t decide who). I don’t think this series will be more interesting than Lakers/Rockets, but I do think we’re seeing the birth of a star.

Artest drops bombs like Hiroshima

May 4, 2009

I’m a couple days late on this, but if you haven’t seen how Artest handles his post-series press conference, it’s worth checking out.

It’s refreshing to see a professional athlete engage in self deprecating humor after years of harsh barbs from The Big Insecurity and primetime smug-rule Peyton Manning commercials.

If Stan Van Gundy had called Shaq The Big Insecurity when they were feuding a couple months ago, it would have stuck forever and Van Gundy would have been a more unanimous winner than That Bird and Pacquiao put together.

Also, Simmons is now on twitter, for those of you who care about that sort of thing.  It’s thesportsguy33.

Oh, I almost forgot.  Cry me a river, Joakim Noah.  Woot.

Al Harrington is a Moron

March 26, 2009
This is the haircut of a Rhodes Scholar

This is the haircut of a Rhodes Scholar

Al Harrington managed to make a giant ass of himself yesterday for the second time against the Clippers this year, AND it was exactly in almost exactly the same way. He hung on the rim after a dunk with 25 seconds left and got T’d up, helping the Clippers send it to overtime where they won. He did this against the Clippers earlier, when he slapped the backboard after a dunk, helping them send the game to overtime where they won. He’ll learn his lesson this time though, he double promises.

This is too bizzare to be a coincidence right? Mike Dunleavy must be cutting back on hideous clothes and paying other players to give the Clippers enough wins so he can barely, but inexplicably, hold on to his job right?

Van Gundy Strikes Again

March 24, 2009
If you were a dead ringer for Ron Jeremy, you'd be emotive too.

If you were a dead ringer for Ron Jeremy, you'd be emotive too.

Stan Van Gundy (The portly Magic coach, not the skinny ex-coach-turned-broadcaster), has hot fire to spit at all times. After taking on Shaq less than a month ago (and 100% without a doubt winning when he said, “Shaq’s a sensitive guy”), he’s going after the Knicks organization for not hiring Patrick Ewing as their head coach.

Okay, this is not really much of a story. It’s mostly an excuse to talk about the Van Gundy’s. Patrick is probably equipped to be a big man coach (Yao Ming and Dwight Howard are his most notable projects, and theyre the consensus 1-2 centers in the league), but he’s not yet ready to be a head coach, probably. He seems to not have Van Gundy’s own brand of externally directed competitiveness yet. And Phil Jackson he aint. I’m sure he’ll get hired in a few years. Meanwhile, let’s bring him to DC and have him cut his teeth on JaVale McGee and the rest of our clowns (I think an ESPN article alludes to this possibility, but I can’t remember which one).

Anyway, I love the Van Gundy’s, they are an endless font of criticism and vitality. This is part of what makes the NBA so great … in the NFL, the only off-field discourse involve steroids, cheating, crime, and whiny players quitting on their teams. In the NBA, there’s constant internal criticism, conspiracy theories, and trash talk. All Star Weekend, long known as the Black Super Bowl (Thank you Simmons & Adande), is incredibly entertaining, and clearly designed for the fans’ enjoyment, as this year’s inclusion of a HORSE game between KD, OJ Mayo, and Joe Johnson obviates. It is the opposite of the No Fun League. I hope this doesn’t die when Shaquille retires and Kobe loses his vitriol. Though with this supremely unfunny bowling clip, The Big Insecurity is definitely showing his age.

Update: Totally forgot to make my primary point … the Knicks got Mike D’Antoni, only the wizard behind the most entertaining playstyle on the planet.  What did they want Patrick Ewing for?  Defense and rebounding can go to hell, this is New York City.

Fuel on the Fire

March 23, 2009

The Miami Sun-Sentinel asks a very pertinent question:

“Just a thought: When Dwayne Wade looks at the rest of this roster, what is compelling enough to make him say, “This is a place where I want to stay?”

It’s rare to see this kind of candid comment about your team.  Granted the Heat are a one-man operation (Sorry, Mike Beasley and Mario Chalmers; you’re the core of an NCAA champion, not an NBA one).

Fortunately, the dunce community that rides big time blogger coattails (that we are hence immune from) showed up to the party.  Their first two posts:

“We better develop Udonis Haslem so we have someone to fall back on when Wade bolts for NY.”

“The coming Memphis game is a tryout game as far as Marc Gasol is concerned. This game is a game that will show that he’s really the anchor the Heat is looking for.”

Maybe Udonis Haslem and Marc Gasol’s career stats will help put things in perspective.  And why on earth would Gasol believe that he was “trying out” for the Heat?  Who, other than Carlos Boozer, wants to go play for Erik Spolestra, and spend his days answering questions about Jermaine O’Neal’s $23-million-a-year knees?

Unprecedented Opportunity to Link the New York Post

March 13, 2009

Larry Hughes has been making the proprietor at turn over in his shallow blog-grave.  This is because Hughes has been killing it lately (relatively speaking).  That is not to say we think Larry has changed over the long-term, but it has still been amusing to see Hughes shoot 46% from 3 and average over 16 ppg so far with the Knicks.

Anyway, none of that is the point here.  The point is that Hughes recently stated that LeBron may well just re-sign with the Cavs this summer, ending all speculation about the Summer of 2010 Free Agent Bonzana, and reducing 15 GM’s leaguewide to tears.  Do I think we should take Larry Hughes’ word on faith?  Well, he and Bron text message twice weekly, according to the esteemed New York Post.  Also, their wives are friends.  So yeah, I’d pretty much guarantee that this is happening.

Welcome to the Chris Bosh Era (video), NYC!