Late to the party

Married to Lane Kiffin??  Oh wait, she's from Florida.  It's all coming together now.
Married to Lane Kiffin?? Oh wait, she’s from Florida. It’s all coming together now.

This post isn’t really about words. It’s more of a compilation.

There’s a Facebook group … called our coach’s wife is hotter than your coach’s wife … started by a Vanderbilt kid. This figures; they have little to pridefully claim as their own, so it’s always grandiose appropriations the locally accessible (Nashville music scene, Layla Kiffin, Cocaine…)

And a crappy fansite (UT education at work!) …

And finally a Deadspin post where we discover that Layla was a UF Zeta … just like Erin Andrews … the same Zeta house that’s home to a onetime flame of a buddy of ours, and a residence in which I myself have ventured. Firsthand confirmation, they all look like that. Apparently the Aryan Race is headquartered in Gainesville.

There are several other Deadspin posts if you’re interested, but that one details Bruce Pearl coming on to her via the media.


One Response to Late to the party

  1. Reid says:

    We lay claim go an pro-bowl quarterback and a fair size chunk of the bear’s draft. How’s duke doing in the nfl? Oh wait, for your NFL/college football teams you like what NE and uhhh USC because you hail from troy, and Florida because your mom’s friend had her shitzu sent to a dog hospital near UF?

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