Tonight in Sports

The Night Cap

The Night Cap

So I’m back, for just a minute. Finals has owned me and forced me to not see a single minute of easily the best first round series ever. So I just want you all to know how amazing the evening is in sports tonight:

6:15ish – Kentucky Derby: the runup may be intolerable, but it really is an exciting two minutes to watch.

8 pm: Game 7 of Bulls-Celtics. Because I’ll be watching, its all but guaranteed to suck. By the way, with everyone talking about this exciting 7 game series, nobody is talking about what might be the least exciting 7 game series ever, Heat-Hawks. Not one game has been decided by less than double digits. If you had told me that one of these two series would have blowouts in each of the first 6 games, the first thing you would think is go to the two injury riddled teams with inconsistent coaching, right? I think the NBA should just sweep the other series under the rug and air it on NBA tv along with the other ones they know we dont care about watching.

10 pm/11 pm/ 12:30 pm – Pacquiao – Hatton on PPV. If you can get a group together, definitely watch this fight (or if not, there may or may not be a way to watch online illegally for free, which I would never condone, but would always do). It has a lot of great subplots, and its two fighters who punch well above their weight class. Also, don’t forget the insanely loyal fanbases that will come along. There is serious brawl in the stands capability here too.


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