God Damnit Rondo!

If the Bulls win game 7 I might off myself.

I got on a plane (in Chicago, oh sweet irony) right before halftime last night.  I got off and as I casually strolled through the baggage claim, noticed crowds of people watching the 3rd overtime.  The what??  Yes, even the taxi dispatcher was totally ignoring a 50 person line and instead was watching the game on a Laguardia Baggage Claim Flatscreen.  I tuned in just in time to see Rajon with that monster tip in, followed by Chicago’s bricklaying at the line, followed by … well … I can’t really talk about this any more.  except RAYALLENHAD51FUCKINGPOINTSANDISTHEBESTCLUTCHSHOOTERINTHE PLAYOFFSANDDIDNTTOUCHTHEBALLFORTHELASTTWOMINUTES!

The dispatcher tried to console me as he got me a taxi.  It did not work.  Somehow Bill Simmons is keeping it together.

P.S. If you’re not watching this series, I feel sorry for you.  Simmons is exactly right, this is why we actually watch sports.  I can’t say a single original thing about it, it speaks for itself.  Game 7 is Friday at7:30.  You should watch it.


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