Blake Griffin and the 57 Dwarves

DaJuan Summers: A worse locker room cancer than Larry

DaJuan Summers: A worse locker room cancer than Larry

So this year’s NBA draft is going to be a pool of talentless hacks. At least, that’s the word at ESPN as basically everyone has decided to return to school. Shocker! Do you think they watched enough guys come out too early and turn into walking midlevel exceptions/expiring contracts instead of making all star games? Well, obviously Jrue Holiday didn’t.

Anyway, my boy Greg Monroe is going to be coming back to G-Town, and DaJuan “my teammates loathe me” Summers has reneged on his earlier decision to stay in school, probably because he realizes this year’s pool is so weak, and he’s never going to put together a full college season anyway.

For those of you who care, which is probably many, UNC looks to lose Lawson, but Ed Davis will stay, and so will Al-Farouq-Aminu (tough name…) on Wake.

Henderson is on the fence. If he doesn’t go, he’s a dumbass, unless he really thinks the great whites (Duke’s awkward looking, acne ridden pair of incoming 6-10 power forwards) are going to push them over the edge to a championship.

Greivis Vasquez is in the draft too, which will revert Maryland back to utter unthreatening craptasticness next year.


3 Responses to Blake Griffin and the 57 Dwarves

  1. matt says:

    I agree, Mike, on Gerald likely leaving, but I disagree with your thoughtful analysis of his decision-making process (“If he doesn’t go, he’s a dumbass…”).

    If he leaves, he’s a lottery pick. If he stays and plays anywhere near where he played from Jan.-March, he’s one of a handful of preseason favorites for POY nationally, instantly makes Duke a Final Four favorite, will be on national TV another 30 times, and could possibly win a ring and (!) enjoy college for a year without any detriment to his draft stock. Given his family’s enormous wealth, I don’t really see the pressing urgency to leave that many other kids have.

    Anyway, all that aside, I think he probably is gone and Wall isn’t coming, so say hello to a #11 ranking, losing the ACC to a bunch of freshman on UNC, and a moderately closer Sweet 16 loss. But cheer up, K is on Colbert Report!!!

    • mike says:

      My analysis was definitely more concerned with being condescending than accurate. I have this problem a lot.

      Here’s my case:

      The draft is going to be way more stocked next year than this year. If everyone who they expected to come out came out, he wouldn’t even be in the lottery this time around.

      Also, if he stays and plays the way he did for either the first 2.5 years or the last three games of his career (to date), then he is not touching the lottery. He will be considered a slightly more talented Dahntay Jones unless he gets back to superstar form. No question could he accomplish a lot at Duke, but he’d have a lot of expectations, and we all know about Duke teams with expectations.

      The family money is definitely an interesting point though. He doesnt need to leave, and he’ll certainly be drafted somewhere even if he has a mediocre 2009-10, as a defensive specialist.

  2. kanan says:

    Thanks for posting!

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