Continuation + 1

Is this what it takes now to stop an And 1?

Is this what it takes now to stop an And 1?

So traveling is a gross epidemic in the NBA, we all know it with the crab dribble and feet shifting never being called (A full post will come on this later). However, I have a gripe about what the best players get after getting fouled. What’s that you ask? They get an extra jump. Just once, I would like to see a referee not give an And 1 play to a player because he landed before the shot went up after he jumped up and got fouled.

Its getting to the point where its gross: Kobe, LeBron and DWade I’m looking at you. Its really an unfair advantage because growing up and playing basketball your entire life, you learn how to jump and move your arms to defend a shooter while he’s in the air. All of the sudden in the NBA, even after you foul someone, you have to play defense when he lands back on the ground? Its impossible to defend and as a result, a major advantage for the offense.  This is what people don’t understand, you can’t defend it because you don’t think you have to, BECAUSE ITS NOT LEGAL!

We all know the NBA won’t do anything to jeopardize the success of its megastars, but I would love for the league to let the officials know that you CAN disallow the made shot if the guy lands on the ground before shooting because that’s, you know, traveling.


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