This deserves another post

So Greg Paulus is now a major headliner on and its not because Dickie V slurped him off. I updated the previous post this morning regarding his visit to Michigan, with subsequent commentary about how Duke isn’t recruiting someone that Michigan is. Well, David Cutcliffe must have read the post, because he offerred Paulus a tryout, at WR. The following quote is great from Cutcliffe about Paulus being a quarterback.

“We talked but there is no way he’d be able to compete to play for us at the quarterback position”

Amen brother! However, does Paulus have the ability to play wide receiver? Duke has a couple legitimate wide receivers coming back and I know he’s a basketball player for a big time program, but does he have the speed that is Cutcliffe’s number 1 priority for any player on his team? They do say that quarterbacks make good wide receivers. Well, I digress, so in closing, Greg Paulus is annoying and I can’t believe he’s not out of my life.

Additional Updates (and a rant) from Mike: So it looks like Paulus is going to Michigan. This is a great idea for him; he will give himself a chance to reneg on the whole “playing basketball” decision by getting a shot at a late-round NFL draft pick in 2010. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you live in Ohio, but then you know fucking nothing about sports anyway … seriously, the Browns, Bengals, Cavs, Ohio State [both sports] … I actually hate these teams and their management more than the Giants and Yanks put together. At least the Giants are [freshly minus Plax] noble and the Yanks are a critical and trendsetting institution with a history of greatness and fans that boo their own guys. Ohio’s fans are all homers and their teams are all insufferable. Has anything gayer ever happened than LeBron taking fake glamour shots of his teammates before games?) I mean my god, breaking out of the digression here, my fucking god, I am a lifelong Celtics fan and Wizards mocker (I didn’t start truly mocking them till the Gil contract …I reall hope they get it together but I mock them ceaselessly), and yet i cannot help but cheer for the Lakers to destroy the Cavs in 5 in the finals. Wait … where were we? Oh. Right. So this is kind of a bad idea for Rich Rod, because teaching Paulus is like teaching a new Frosh QB … and he already has two of those guys, so somebody’s getting the short straw. The only upside is that he can save the second guy and redshirt him, and let Paulus play backup this year to the primary guy. Paulus will run the spread well.


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