Isiah Gets a Job; Wizards Lock-In Long Term Mediocrity

It’s hard not to be frustrated when this many half measure decisions are made in the same day. Since Andrew already took the best of the lot with his bit on Paulus getting a real live NFL tryout (as waterboy, you say? No, more likely as Aaron Rodgers’ fluffer), I’ll cover the coaching moves.

1. Isiah Thomas has gotten a job at FIU (Florida International University, for those who have never heard of it). This school has been poaching the ranks of big name/sketchy resume in a couple other sports as they make a bid to compete with Florida State for “worst possible academic institution with decent sports teams in Florida.” This is a loaded competition, as Florida Atlantic has Mike Jarvis coaching its squad, and the intellectual powerhouses in that state include Florida State, USF, Florida A&M, FAU, FIU, UCF, Bethune-Cookman, Nova Southeastern University, and the esteemed Ringling School of Art & Design. Jarvis had this to say: “Nothing surprises me in the world of sports anymore.” Perhaps he meant the world of Florida. And before we go, here’s what FIU’s president said:

“This is bigger than basketball and bigger than athletics,” FIU president Modesto A. Maidique said. “Having a nationally recognized coach like Isiah at FIU will have a positive impact on our university as a whole, helping us achieve additional national exposure.” Unless we’re talking about national media coverage of FIU cheerleaders bosoms being exposed to Isiah’s groping, I’m pretty sure he missed the mark here.

2) The Washington Wizards really have given up. First they sign Arenas for 6 years and 33 year old Jamison for 4, and then they pencil Flip Saunders as their new head coach (at almost 5m a year!!). I know the guy is alright, but that’s it — he’s alright. 10/13 seasons in the playoffs, coached some good teams, and definitely never made anyone feel like he was going to go the distance. He takes good-but-not-great talent (Pacers and then Pistons until this year) and lets it do its thing. This team is a perfect fit for him — they’ll be comfortingly half-decent and revert to sliding into the East playoffs as a 5-8 seed for a couple years. In Washington DC, that is about as successful as anyone can really hope for. But there’s definitely no desire to capture a championship, if we had any lingering doubts after the Arenas signing. I know, I know, they could get a great draft pick and make a move. But given that Kwame Brown was the Wiz’s #1 overall, do we have any real confidence if they don’t land Blake Griffin?


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