The Masters

Tiger doesn't care about golf.  Nor should he.  He's on a boat.

Tiger doesn't care about golf. Nor should he. He's on a boat.

In response to commenter “Reid,” who lambasts us for writing about pirates, The Masters happened this weekend, we watched it and were riveted, and then it had the most disappointing finish of all time, emotionally draining us and ruining the entire experience. So this went from being the best week in sports between the Final Four, Masters, and NBA playoff push, to being a total piece of crap.

Angel Cabrera is such a non-story I can’t even describe it. Fat fuck. With Tiger, Phil, and feel good story of the month Kenny Perry (no relation to Katy) all choking hard on the last couple holes after great days, it was like watching a 2001 Maryland-Duke game, except I wasn’t cackling gleefully.

I’d say that reports of Tiger’s invincibility have been greatly exaggerated. It’s been one of those “when he’s gone his legend grows” things. Obviously he’s amazing, but golf has too many variables, and when everything can ride on one (or two) bad shots it’s tough to win them all. Especially now that his competition seems to be catching up a bit. I’m sure he’ll win one of the majors this year, but when a guy has two kids a hot wife and all the millions (soon to be billions) in the world … and with the Majors record almost a certainty … I’d say he’s at risk for losing some of the fire.

Oh, the only original thing to say here was how great the colorful little Japanese guy was. I look forward to more of his antics; surely someone at Augusta will have a heart attack: Minority, potentially homosexual, and as fiery as a mare in heat?! Sounds like a recipe for a ban on Cowboy hats.


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