R.I.P. Harry Kalas

Goodbye to a Legen

Goodbye to a Legend

You’ll hear about this on just about every news source, but I’d like to write a little bit about this. So often we complain about the quality of announcers for the games we watch, but we don’t appreciate the great ones we still have. Harry Kalas comes from a generation of guys who started when radio was the more important medium, so they have a greater talent for describing the game. A talent for description inevitably breeds an ability for the poetry of the game. He is probably more well known for being the voice of NFL films because his voice seethes that quality of grandeur that fits perfectly with a highlight reel. It also takes the Phillies calls he made of their historic moments so much more special.

For those of you that don’t have iconic announcers associated with your team, its tough to understand the impact that losing them can have on your city. I’m sure that the entire city of Philadelphia is in mourning right now. There are very few of his type left, and we should all do our best to appreciate his impact on sports and your friends that are Philly sports fans. Very few of you likely heard it but they had John Kruk on Sportscenter this morning on the phone and he coudl barely talk because he was fighting back tears – this may help you understand his impact. For me, there’s Vin Scully, and if he dies, just don’t bother talking to me, I’ll be shutting it down for a week. So here’s a taste of Harry Kalas calling the World Series win, which I’m happy that he got to see.


2 Responses to R.I.P. Harry Kalas

  1. Truly devastating news for the entire world of sports…

  2. matt says:

    This was a really well-worded post. Jayson Stark has a nice piece up as well on ESPN, though not quite as generally applicable.


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