Too Awesome Not To Post

From CNN: Somali Women Flocking to Port in Hopes of Marrying Pirates.

Not sports related, but given that these guys are mostly disrupting shipping and don’t seem to harm too many folks, I’ve got to say that I’m pretty happy about piracy still being a lucrative and viable career choice in the 21st century.  We’re writing about a dude with 2nd degree burns on his arm from celebrating his school’s basketball victory too hard, and these chicks are trying to marry real live pirates.


2 Responses to Too Awesome Not To Post

  1. Machine says:

    The fact that pirating is still a viable career path in some lesser developed parts of the world settles the dispute between pirates vs ninjas in this readers eyes. While one might argue that the way of the ninja has evolved into modern day contract killing (which may too be a lucrative, possibly short lived, venture), i would disagree on the basis that there are far to many forms of contract killing/murder for hire throughout history to claim that the ninja is the direct decedent of today’s hit men (even if they are of the Asian persuasion). Pirating, on the other hand, has apparently changed little and still involved taking ships from the imperials, increasing your capital gains via the liquidation of ‘booty’, and apparently, according to this post, hooking up with briny wenches. Toss in dental and a 401k and you’ll have plenty of unemployed Americans donning eye patches and speaking with a gruff and apparently regionless accent that can only be described as ‘pirate’. Give these guys a reality show and they’ll have Paris Hilton bobbing their knobs in no time.

  2. Reid says:

    oh pirates are awesome, and nothing happened this weekend except THE FUCKING MASTERS

    jesus you call yourself sports bloggers


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