Sabathia, Joba Choke On It In Same Week


Sabathia’s first start was pretty well publicized.

Joba’s arrest for DUI in Nebraska was publicized everywhere but NYC.

Joba’s apology did not really make things better. How sad must it be for Yogi Berra’s wife to have to say, “Yogi’s not upset by it … They kid him all the time about getting smaller. It’s nothing.”  I mean, what a dunce.  You really shouldn’t lambast the fans of a city that is your raison d’etre, and a franchise that you’re likely to be stuck with for years or an entire career, and a legend of that city and franchise that is well liked and too old to defend himself.

Fortunately Yankees fans, much like Eric Cartman, are capable of remembering events exactly how they want to.


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