Greatest Week in Sports?

Well be seeing something like this again Sunday

We'll be seeing something like this again Sunday

If you go Monday to Sunday, this very well could be the greatest week in sports. Contained in this week is the capping game to the greatest event in sports (although this was a dull tournament overall), Opening Day for baseball (which, if you’ve never done, is something everyone should do at least once) and then the Masters, which I think is the second greatest event in sports. For those of you who don’t love golf, you have to at least love Tiger.

Tiger is by far the most unique athlete in sports. Anyone who watches golf is rooting for him to win every time. There’s no such thing as being a front runner in golf because Tiger is just so compulsively watchable (credit to Matt for the phrase). Extra watchability came when he first lost his father, second when he married his unbelievably hot wife, third when he had kids and now after his knee surgery. Oh, also that it sprouts rainbows when he smiles (sigh).

Do yourself a favor if you aren’t already planning on it and watch this Masters. There are fantastic story lines shaping up. The return of post surgery Tiger to tournament play, Phil Mickelson looking like he’s playing well now and actually could give Tiger a run for his money and the emergence of young golfers Rory McIlroy and Anthony Kim. Not to mention that Augusta National has negotiated with the networks to allow only 4 minutes of commercials per hour, making for the ability to watch the event largely uninterrupted very easy. Also, the par 3 contest airs at 3 pm today on ESPN and shows the lighter side of the golfers while they play trick shots and mess with each other.

By the way, my prediction is that Mickelson fades on Sunday and Tiger edges out someone like Immelman or Cink to win by 2 or 3 strokes.

PS – Forgot to mention that the NBA playoff race is in full swing during this week at well. Find a better week – I dare you.


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