We’re Not Writing About … That

… Other than me saying I was dead on with the spread and way off with the under.

Anyway, now that another depressing college bball season is over, it’s time for what is an underrated couple months in sport: the NBA playoffs and the beginning of baseball. Though, to be fair, the only thing that’s really enjoyable about April baseball is watching A-Rod go off and knowing he’ll fade, and we can’t do that this year.

Things that have just happened that you might not be aware of:

1) The Titans brought in Patrick Ramsey, potentially to inherit the “throne” from Kerry Collins. This means they’re pushing V Young out. I know he’s totally lacking in the mental game (in that he’s kind of depressed and occasionally suicidal), but I would definitely pick him up if I needed a QB who could make an offense go from awful to middle of the pack. If you don’t believe me, here’s a highlight video of him pwning noobs.

2) Here’s Eminem’s newest video, which we can justify including because it a) takes shots at Tony Romo, and b) appears to have been born out of several acid trips. The song is nowhere near as good as Crack a Bottle, but it’s a funny reversion to his Real Slim Shady days. I will also note that it’s a sad commentary on the state of pop culture when Bret Michaels and Kim Kardashian are among our icons. If only we still had Fred Durst…


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