FranchiseThis tournament challenge update

Tonight the game is upon us and the subplot is that we have a race for who gets to write the first guest column on the site (unless that opportunity is summarily thrown back in our faces with disdain). A win by UNC changes everything, including the relentlessly mocked POTUS bracket tying for the title. Note: if the annointed one wins our pool, he will certainly be contacted and offered the opportunity to write a guest column. Preliminary predictions on a title include:

The audacity of hoping Duke recruits a player not from suburbia, A better America: one without Jim Calhoun, Yes we can dismantle the BCS like it was based in Detroit.

Standings are available here.


One Response to FranchiseThis tournament challenge update

  1. John says:

    How the hell am I still in first place haha Jesus… I guess this gives me one more reason to root for MSU.

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