Bust out the Bunting

This kind, not the only way Juan Pierre gets on base

This kind, not the only way Juan Pierre gets on base

That’s right, its opening day, Huzzah! The day of the year when every team starts on equal footing and still has a chance to make it to the World Series (except of course the Phillies, already  at 0-1, making me look like a genius). Two games are delayed because of weather, including the White Sox home opener because of snow. Yup, snow. Two issues:

1. I truly believe it would be good for baseball to add a few double headers and push back the start of the season one week or two. We all know this won’t happen because its lost ticket and TV revenue, but I still think it would be better for the game.

2. More importantly, why can’t they figure out a way to schedule it so warm weather cities (or teams with domes) host the opening of the season if its going to be starting in the first week of April. Games included on the opening day schedule in warm weather cities: Los Angeles at San Diego and the Oakland A’s at LA Angels, while Pittsburgh plays at St Louis, Kansas City  plays in Chicago and Tampa Bay inexplicably goes up to Boston instead of hosting them (whaaaa?). Is this lunacy or idiocy? I’m not totally sure.

However, baseball season really is awesome and opening day is the very exciting beginning to that (until the baseball actually is played of course).


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