Sporting World Too Busy Fellating Cutler To Notice Denver Made Out Like Bandits

This is a purely speculative, highly opinionated rant. Because everyone on ESPN is too fucking stupid to state the obvious (at least thus far).

Chicago has definitely made an error. Here’s who the esteemed 25TD/18INT Jay Cutler will be throwing to this season: Devin Hester, Rashied Davis, Marty Booker, and TE Desmond Clark. At least they still have Matt Forte to run draws on 3rd and 15 … Meanwhile, Kyle Orton, given those blunt weapons, is pretty much a baller for throwing 18TD/12INT, with an almost 60% completion rate and a QB rating of 79.6. Cutler had an 86.0 with Brandon Marshall & co.

And now, thanks to surrendering two 1st rounders and this year’s third rounder, it’s going to be pretty difficult for Da Bears to restock. And the franchise has basically been in decline since a few peak seasons in the middle of this decade. Denver, meanwhile, can draft a bevy of defensive talent and can really start a new era.

Excellent work by Denver.

I would love to hear a defense for Chicago’s move here. They definitely panicked.

Oh, and here’s what nobody has said yet: Denver totally BS’d the shit out of a number of NFL GM’s by saying they didn’t need a franchise QB in the trade. Likely they were just trying to coax Dan Snyder’s Pocketbook into the mix, and artifically drive up the price for Cutler by increasing the number of suitors. Think about it … Cleveland and Chicago were the only teams in the mix who were offering a decent QB. Quinn and Orton were the only guys young enough with enough actual talent (watch either of them and you’ll understand) to potentially take over the franchise and run a sophisticated offense.

Oh, and I’m really happy that Cleveland didn’t get him. They know nothing about sports and would be insufferably un-knowledgeable about another sport and another star that didn’t actually want to play there (LeBron).

Update: I can’t link it cause there’s no permanent link, but Sportsnation went 52-48 that the Broncos did better in this trade.  So someone agrees with me.  And here’s an anomaly: all of New England, with Mass. leading the way at 70-30 (with just shy of 8,000 votes in), believes the Broncos fleeced the Bears.  I guess a smart team does beget smart fans.


2 Responses to Sporting World Too Busy Fellating Cutler To Notice Denver Made Out Like Bandits

  1. Spain says:

    When I saw fellating in the title and realized this was a Mike post I obviously should have stopped reading.

    (1) Bronald will stay in Cleveland in 2010.
    (2) Completely agree with you about Denver getting the most out of this deal, especially in a must-sell situation. The only excuse Chicago has is their inability to draft even adequate players in the first round (which is, needless to say, a poor one).
    (3) Speaking of fellating, didn’t you get a bj from a guy during Mardi Gras?
    (4) Everybody knows fan intelligence doesn’t come into play on a large sports poll. It’s all regional affiliation (Josh McDaniels).

  2. mike says:

    I actually think you’re right about LeBron. Plus, true legends have to stay put for their careers. Only issue: the cavs can afford two max contracts, sure. But will a second top flight allstar actually want to come to Cleveland? It’s better than OKC or Toronto, but its not LA, Boston, NYC, or MIA in terms of tradition and exposure.

    Good point about regional affiliation. I’d take Brian Urlacher’s quotes as the bible on this one. He was pretty upset to see Orton go, and wasn’t very optimistic about Cutler.

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