NL East Preivew

If only John Rocker were still around

If only John Rocker were still around

1. Atlanta Braves – Ok, I’m actually going to justify this because I know a certain reader who will freak at the thought of the Phillies not winning the division. Braves have probably the best pitching staff in the national league because it goes about 7 deep. Offense will be the question, oh yea and annoying fans.

2. Philadelphia Phillies (2 GB) – The last team to win the division the year after winning the world series? The 2002 Arizona Diamondbacks and they had Randy Johnson and Curt Shilling, I don’t see pitchers like that on the Phils (By the way, Jamie Moyer was 48 in 2002).

3. New York Mets (6GB) – This is the year! This is the year we overcharge our fans for a team that has no chemistry and only three good offensive players plus one pitcher. Oh by the way, this is also the year that David Wright comes out (of the closet).

4. Florida Marlins (8 GB) – The Marlins will be close, the end of the year will come and then they’ll fade. Its like clockwork.

5. Washington Nationals (19 GB) – What do you get when you add Adam Dunn at a cheap price to a shitty team? A shitty team that spent money on a player resulting in them still being a shitty team.


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  1. […] still has a chance to make it to the World Series (except of course the Phillies, already  at 0-1, making me look like a genius). Two games are delayed because of weather, including the White Sox home opener because of snow. […]

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