NL West Preview

Now that Shawn Greens jewish bubby isnt harassing him in LA, the Dodgers can win the division

Now that Shawn Green's jewish bubby isn't harassing him, the Dodgers can win the division

NL West Preview

1. Los Angeles Dodgers – A half decent team runs away with a division that has the potential to be the worst in baseball history. Yea, that’s right even worse than the 1860’s Long Island farming division (must watch video).

2. San Francisco Giants (6 GB) – Could the combination of Randy Johnson and Tim Lincecum be the youngest and oldest looking teammates ever? I mean Randy Johnson is a monster at 6’10” and has skin that looks like has had miners working on it digging for gold for the last 10 years. Meanwhile Tim Lincecum looks like he should be wearing a schoolboy outfit and holding his books by a leather strap. Also, I really miss Randy Johnson’s mullet.

3. Arizona Diamondbacks (12 GB) – The cardinals won the NFC, Arizona that’s all you get for the next 3 years, besides melanoma and of course, drunk college girls at Matt Leinart’s house!

4. Colorado Rockies (18 GB) – What do you get when you blow up a team that made an improbable run to the World Series two years ago? Yea, that’s right Denver, you getty a season of shitty baseball.

5. San Diego Padres (28 GB) – This is a funny story that nobody’s talking about. The team is getting dismantled because the owner is getting a divorce. That wife is the most hated person in San Diego right? Wrong, that’s because the Padres have a miserably bad fan base. Nobody will care when Peavy is shipped away midseason.


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