A New Kind of Focus

If only Drama were in every athletes entourage

If only Drama were in every athlete's entourage

I have made a decision (just one minute ago) that I’m going to make an effort to post more about player entourages. Trainers, managers, bodyguards and cousins are a major part of athlete’s lives and more importantly are sources of hilarity. Lets take a look at a couple things today.

1. This is actually a pretty interesting article from the Wall Street Journal about a lawyer turned personal trainer for NBA players who basically wings it in training sessions. Sweet gig if you can get it. With the odd exception that somehow he doesn’t get paid enough to make it his only job and operates such dating sites as Ethiopian Personals and Eligible Greeks – sign me up! Maybe the training gig is really just a way to get an inisde track on Kosta Koufos signing up on his website.

2. Jonathan Vilma’s apartment in Long Island City was used for a drug murder. Awesome! Now that’s what I’m talking about. His “cousin” had been living there, and Vilma apparently has no connection to this, but sweet work Vilma. Could there be any less desirable thing to happen on an athlete’s property from a PR perspective? Maybe a rape before the drug murder? Oh, wait, dogfighting, that’s worse, waaay worse.

3. More WSJ love. This is an old article about the economics of an entourage. Good one. A quote from the article that has Floyd Mayweather’s manager describe his job as “no different than working for Xerox”. Yea, if the CEO of Xerox makes it rain every time he goes into public or just has 50 Cent over at his house to chill.


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