Lots of Stories, very little energy

Your number 1 pick in the draft! Will be watching the Final Four on TV.

Your number 1 pick in the draft! Will be watching the Final Four on TV.

Long weekend, but this turned out to have everything you could want in a college basketball weekend:

1. This kind of funny commercial (thanks only to Bobby Knight). Wherein, Knight, Coach K, Roy Williams and Rick Pitino dance in underwear. However, of course, Coach K manages to look like a total fucking clown. I would have paid a lot of money to be on that set though. I mean, Roy Williams and K hate each other. Pitino probably still isn’t over the Laettner shot (although his appearance in the Vitamin Water ad could suggest otherwise). Do you think Bobby Knight and Coach K sat in one corner while Pitino and Roy sat in the other lobbing “fags” and “losers” at them? Wouldn’t be surprised.

2. A few really good games, but mostly games that were never in doubt. However, stakes were high enough to add some drama.

3. An absolutely ferocious dunk by Blake Griffin in a losing effort in which he showed just how much better he is than Tyler Hansborough, only losing because he had no help (oh yea, UNC is really good too, might have had something to do with it).Do yourself a favor and watch the highlight in the link, the dunk is worth it.

4. Somehow a Duke story emerges that isn’t about the absurd beatdown they took at the hands of Villanova. Its a positive one too. Seth Curry will come to Duke after leaving Liberty, where he was the nation’s top scoring freshman. Should be interesting to see if he can actually handle ACC play.

5. This is a gem that comes together on a lot of levels. John Calipari is considering leaving Memphis to be the coach at Kentucky. Now, to be fair, this could simply be a way to leverage a higher salary and contract extension, but if it isn’t it has a lot of subplots. First is that Calipari has this classic coach chip on his shoulder about trying to win a national title from a non-BCS school. If he left it would basically be admitting defeat on that front. Second, Kentucky’s fan base is rabid and spreads wide so him coming would become a huge story throughout next year. Third, and interestingly, the recruiting of this year’s top recruit could be significantly affected because Memphis is #1 on his list, but there are about 6 other schools John Wall is considering and they could all come back in to play if Calipari leaves for Kentucky, including maybe adding Kentucky to the list. Fourth is that the other name being thrown around (although it doesn’t seem probable) is Tom Izzo, so a decision between those two would make for a lot of subplots in the future. Calipari might be a greasy bastard, but he might entertain me for the next week. Fair trade? We’ll see.


3 Responses to Lots of Stories, very little energy

  1. matt says:

    Also, on your last point: Wall met with Coach K yesterday afternoon, right? If K manages to land Wall and Curry right now, I think we can officially say that he has fundamentally upped his game from oafy three-point marksmen who tear up in the waning minutes, no?

  2. mike says:

    I take objection to the word “marksmen” in light of recent efforts.

  3. matt says:

    True. I retract both “marks” and “men” from that comment.

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