Being A Duke Fan …

Coach K's latest ringer.  FML.

Coach K's latest ringer. FML.

Just now I found myself watching Ryan Kelly, a 6-9 outside shooting PF, win the high school 3 pt shooting competition.

He is committed (shocker!) to Duke, where he aspires to be the next Shavlik Randolph.  What’s more, after two decades of Duke fandom, I’ve been brainwashed to the point where I legitimately believe this kid is going to be a star.

But then I kept watching, and Mason Plumlee, our other white PF recruit, had a couple nasty dunks (including a honey dip), and I was reminded that we may be getting Shavlik II and Josh McRoberts II in the same class.  Sweet.

But Dukies, before you go cry in your bedroom/smear some peanut butter on your balls, you can watch highlights and read about Seth Curry here (debuting in 2010-11).

Or you can cling to the 5% hope (up from 3% last week) that John Wall will come to Duke.


4 Responses to Being A Duke Fan …

  1. matt says:

    Is it 5%? Seems pretty scientific I guess. Except for recent evidence:

    That said, I could not agree more with your points on Kelly and Plumlee; the question for me is, why do some of these oafy guys become Hansbrough and Cole Aldrich and some become Randolph and McRoberts? Trying to predict is so difficult, and other than the residual bitterness of having Wojo develop our big men, I’m not sure what I would tell Duke to do to differentiate the Hansbroughs from the Randolphs of the world.

  2. John says:

    What sucks is these are both perimeter oriented players. I’m still waiting for an interior beast who hits the boards like a vacuum cleaner and intimidates other posts….

  3. mike says:

    indeed, matt, that article was my reason for upping it from 3% to 5% (hence my link to wall’s rivals profile). the piece you pointed us to about calipari should cover the other 95% — the kid is gonna go to kentucky, where he can get paid to play and be guaranteed the NBA by next year.

  4. […] up in proximity to the Skins, I actually want them to get him. This is sort of like my thing about 6-9 white perimeter players at Duke. It’s just fated, and you’re fated to keep talking yourself into Snyder free agents. […]

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