I don’t even know where to begin …

He heard Gil was giving up the blog

He heard Gil was giving up the blog.

Work is busy enough that Andrew and I don’t have time to treat all these subjects with the TLC they deserve. But anyway.

1) In the continuing Gilbert Arenas saga, he says he is both coming back to play and giving up blogging. This is kind of like Brett Favre retiring: you don’t believe it because the guy is a selfish prima donna fuck.  Lost in this piece is Ed Tapscott’s hilarious statement on Gil’s return.  Washington just clownifies every team it touches (see: Arenas, Young, Cooley, Portis):

“The plan is still holding,” Wizards interim coach Ed Tapscott said Wednesday. “T-minus-48 or something. So we’re still on schedule for launch, I guess.”

2) Speaking of Favre, Eric Mangina has invited him to training camp. Sweet, you’re already spending tens of millions on two worthless QBs you’re trying to trade, why not exhume Brett Favre’s Throwing Arm for another 1-5 finish? But wait! Now he can have both the EAS Myoplex and Lee Dungarees spokesmen rotting on his bench. Just get Donovan McNabb’s mom and LT’s big toe and they can have a Brady Bunch of washed up advertising icons. Where the fuck did this guy earn his reputation, coaching Peewee? Seriously, what evidence do we have, other than Belichick’s anger at his departure, that he is any better than Charlie Weis or Romeo Crennel?

3) And finally, I’ll just present you with a gem that Andrew dug up. I can’t possibly make it better than it already is:

“Bruce Hornsby was ushered into the Nets locker room by Kiki Vandeweghe Sunday, and the GM asked the musician whether there was anyone he’d like to meet. Hornsby said he was interested only in Josh Boone, ‘because he looks so sad.'”


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