AL East Preview

Due in July

Due in July

American League East 2009:

1. New York Yankees – After the birth of Sabathia’s baby, they’ll be off and running.

2. Boston Red Sox (2 GB) – Now that the word is out that Pedroia can’t hit the high inside fastball (great ad), they’ll stop the MVP, but there are too many weapons to not be the wild card.

3. Tampa Bay Rays (9 GB) – So what happens when a young, confident team has success? They turn into a bunch of primadonnas with major clubhouse issues. Calling it now!

4. Toronto Blue Jays (18 GB) – See the AL Central Preview. Canada sucks at all things not hockey, especially life.

5. Baltimore Orioles (25 GB) – Doesn’t it go without saying that they’ll be battling the Royals for the worst team in the worst city?


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