All About The Benjamins?

Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the NFL, would like the regular season to be longer than 16 games. He would cut 1 or 2 preseason games and add 1-2 regular season ones.

Okay wonderful, let’s try to sneak this by a player’s union (in the next collective bargaining agreement, of course) that is already pretty stressed about the fact that half of all players retire because of injuries and yet only 2.4% are paid disability, and two extra full-intensity games are likely to shorten a player’s shelf life and increase the risk of injury as the body wears down over a season.

Will 17 or 18 games make a significant difference? The only benefits I can foresee are to owners who will make more $$, and to players who will shatter single-season records.

I almost forgot the most interesting part … 17 games would let them do silly things like have everyone play one game overseas, every year. If teams going from the west to the east coast for 1pm games were 1-10 in 2008, imagine teams going from Cali to London. Plus, the sport doesn’t have the global appeal of basketball; see the crash-and-burn of NFL Europe, and the presence of equivalents like Rugby and Aussie Rules in other countries.


13 Responses to All About The Benjamins?

  1. adelfio says:

    Agree all around. Just a dumb idea.. What % of players make it through 16 games (+ playoffs) to begin with?? The owners are sooo poor to begin with, I really feel bad for them, we really need to give them more cash!

    Would I like to see 2 more games if there were no consequences whatsoever to the remainder of the season? Sure, probably. Too bad that’s not the case at all…

  2. Machine says:

    Honestly, I agree that this whole thing is an owner gimmick to try and scrounge up more cheddar in these harsh economic times and it will put the players at increased risk, but I’m not crying about the low amount of disability being paid to NFL players that were making, at a minimum, low 6 figure salaries. We don’t pay high school kids that blow their knees out disability for the rest of their lives, or college players (though i can imagine this happening in the near future based on the state of the nation).

  3. mike says:

    That’s because college players play for 4 years, at a lower intensity level. A guy who plays 10 years at the highest level … they die younger, many can’t walk well by their 50’s and 60’s, and they have more medical issues in their 40s than most octogenarians. They’re getting nice salaries, sure, but frankly they don’t have good money managers and blow through most of it.

    Disability isn’t for a guy with a bum knee; it’s for a guy in a wheelchair.

    • Machine says:

      when we sort out getting proper disability for veterans, i’ll start worrying about the pro athletes.

      • mike says:

        fortunately for the nfl, it does not rely upon government funding (like veterans), and almost every team is making solid profits. plus the league already uses a revenue sharing system … the money is there; there’s no reason except cheapness and a lack of long term concern for player welfare why the system isnt better. if i can find a couple of the articles about how crippled o-lineman are, i’ll post it.

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