AL Central Preview

AL Central Preview

1. Detroit Tigers – Doesn’t this city deserve something good to happen to it? Yea, probably not.

2. Chicago White Sox (6 GB) – This is mostly hopeful becuase it has maximum Ozzie freak out potential. Here’s to hoping that the Sox stay relevant, but don’t win so we can get more tirades like this one (the related videos kept me entertained for about an hour).

3. Minnesota Twins (7 GB) – Teams in Canada don’t win anymore, don’t they know that?

4. Cleveland Indians ( 9 GB) – Cleveland is such a homer sports city that I’m pretty sure that it would explode if it had two teams that were successful in one year. The obnoxious stink of ignorance from the general fan base would be too much to take.

5. Kansas City (20 GB) – Some people are picking them to be like last years rays. No! Stop it! No! Just no.


2 Responses to AL Central Preview

  1. Machine says:

    That lady’s shirt is in LSU colors, which indicates to me that she doesn’t give a flying fuck about the Detroit Tigers. I expect better from you turds….

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