LeBron Is Flirtier Than Your Sister

So LBJ just dropped a line about playing with Dwayne Wade. It was more or less unsolicited. To wit:

“Someone mentioned to LeBron James that [he and Wade will] never match up in an NBA Finals if one of them doesn’t switch conferences after the 2010 free agent market shakes out. “It doesn’t matter — whatever happens, we’ll go against each other,” James replied. “Maybe we’ll go against each other in practice. That would be fine.”

Nice. Right in the middle of having the #1 seed locked up, a week after speculation that you were going to sign an extension this very summer, you’re mentioning playing with Wade. And you know damn right that Cleveland can’t pay two max free agents.

So … Miami? NYC? Brooklyn? What do we think he’s alluding to?


5 Responses to LeBron Is Flirtier Than Your Sister

  1. adelfio says:

    Maybe he was just referring to team USA practices? :p

    I really think it could be directly related to championships. If he wins this year or next, he’ll stick it out with Cleveland (so he can claim he’s loyal to his hometown). Otherwise NYC. I don’t think any other market offers him anything. Miami is a less globally important NYC (in terms of an NBA market), so therefore less chance at billionaire athlete status.

  2. John says:

    NYC – he’ll be suiting up there in two years.

  3. Vik says:

    I love that the Knicks are willing to write off this and next season for the hope they can not suck ass in 2010. It’s kind of sad, really.

  4. mike says:

    Man I hope he’s coming to NYC. I’ll buy box seats, which go for about $13.50 a game due to NYC recessionomics.

    And to Vik’s point … they’ve basically written off the last decade, so 1.5 more years seems a short time to wait. Plus, D’Antoni gets an entertainingly defense-free product on the floor. And where else can you watch Larry Hughes resuscitate his abysmal career and then go not tip the bottle girl @ Citrine (http://tinyurl.com/d5y7yr)?

  5. Spain says:

    Mike, you are a homo. And yes, the article I am about to give you is from the Akron Beacon but it still holds true so do your homework before you write off Cleveland:


    Leave it to a Duke grad to be a bust on the hardcourt and then reinvent himself into a miracle worker with the move to a cubicle.

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