Fuel on the Fire

The Miami Sun-Sentinel asks a very pertinent question:

“Just a thought: When Dwayne Wade looks at the rest of this roster, what is compelling enough to make him say, “This is a place where I want to stay?”

It’s rare to see this kind of candid comment about your team.  Granted the Heat are a one-man operation (Sorry, Mike Beasley and Mario Chalmers; you’re the core of an NCAA champion, not an NBA one).

Fortunately, the dunce community that rides big time blogger coattails (that we are hence immune from) showed up to the party.  Their first two posts:

“We better develop Udonis Haslem so we have someone to fall back on when Wade bolts for NY.”

“The coming Memphis game is a tryout game as far as Marc Gasol is concerned. This game is a game that will show that he’s really the anchor the Heat is looking for.”

Maybe Udonis Haslem and Marc Gasol’s career stats will help put things in perspective.  And why on earth would Gasol believe that he was “trying out” for the Heat?  Who, other than Carlos Boozer, wants to go play for Erik Spolestra, and spend his days answering questions about Jermaine O’Neal’s $23-million-a-year knees?


One Response to Fuel on the Fire

  1. Machine says:

    Don’t you talk about Mario Chalmers like that you bastards, I used to play YMCA Basketball against that kid when i was just a young ginger living in Anchorage.

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