Liveblogging – Sunday

Here we go …

Last night’s mini recap: One day, Duke will learn to step on a team’s throat when they’re up 10 with 8 minutes to go. Until that day, they will remain cardiac kids. The behind the back toss by Scheyer was the Effort Play Of The Season. Also, McClure’s tip of the ball after that missed free throw by Williams could very easily have turned into a fast break the other way. Just saying.

Brian Zoubek fouled very effectively. Greg Paulus barely played, because he probably couldn’t guard your little sister and Krzyzewski has finally realized this.

Either way, Nova is up next, and I’ve talked myself into a final four appearance. As my dad said last night, Texas’ dominance of the offensive glass is a feat that Nova won’t be able to replicate. Cunningham could probably take our entire starting five, though. Imagine Greg Paulus taking that to the dome.

And now …

3:28 just saw a great stat from CBS: 38-9 back court scoring advantage for Ok St over Pitt. Another way of saying this is 32-4 frontcourt scoring advantage for Pitt.

3:31 the “become legendary” ads are phenomenal. Especially the “Syracuse Factory … 650 employees … no Rays … no Raymond’s either.” (can you tell I can’t find a link?”

3:38 really agressive play by OK St’s guards, and a gutty post-dislocation performance by Eaton (7 assists in the first half). High scoring game. DeJuan Blair is 0-1 as of now. Can you tell we’re excited?

3:40 LeVance Fields is a fucking nugget. Fuck him.

3:58 The Buffalo Wild Wings ads have inspired a conversation about plausibility in humorous situations. Michael Scott of the office is only plausible so far as he remains within the office … when corporate gets involved, his firing should be imminent. When the BWW ads involved tipping off the refs, they were believable. They should do them with Tim Donaghy.

4:03 prediction is that by the under 16 timeout, Ok St will be down double digits. We hope not, but a turnover and a 30-foot-three to beat the shot clock are not promising possessions coming out of halftime.

4:08 Glad we were wrong, but stand by the analysis. The steal -> open court dunk is a great momentum shifter.

4:13 Sam Young’s (Pitt) mom has a bluetooth in her ear, at the game.

4:22 Sheraton ad (the gestures of kindness one) … The UNC guy (holding umbrella) is black, the duke guy both gayly grabs his hand, and is white. We get stereotyped even by Sheraton (not saying its inaccurate, just saying). Also … why is the Louisville guy with a Memphis guy, and not a Kentucky one?

4:26 Excellent crackback on LeVance by Ok St. And LeVance played it like Manu Ginobli. Seriously, what a prick.

4:35 Three from Cleveland State as they’re headed away from the game; CBS flashes over to Ok St hitting a 3 from the exact same spot. Great NCAA moment.

4:43 For Ok St to win, they’re going to need a big momentum play — a breakaway 3 or an and-1 dunk.

4:45 As if on cue, Anderson hit a 3, and they got a quick steal-foul at the rim. If he’d finished it, I’d have taken an Ok St -3 betting line. Sweet.

4:52 This game is really turning out to be good. Its going to be physical at the end, but one big shot by Ok St on the next possession could hold them in this one.

4:54 Three by LeVance Fields with the shot clock running down and thats the game. LeVance Fields is Mateen Cleaves, just with less teeth.

Second set of games …

5:07 First play of the USC – Mich St game … and the USC forward is tying his shoe, on the court, while everyone scrambles around him. This is classic Tim Floyd preparation. They are losing this game by 15.

5:12 Andrew informs me that USC has Lil Romeo on the bench. I revise my earlier prediction. USC by 7.

5:15 A thorough investigation of Lil Romeo’s player page reveals no reference to the fact that his father is Master P, other than stating that P is a “very successful business entrepreneur.” Apparently Romeo is a 3 pt specialist.

5:31 We were complaining about how we were stuck with the Michigan State game and wanted to watch the Marquette Missouri game because Dominic James makes Marquette a 3 seed as well. However, how did CBS botch this worse? They gave us the game where Louisville is going to blow out Siena. SWEET! Your NCAA Tournament 2009.

5:42 We’ve completely stopped watching the Siena Louisville game and are now desperately trying to get the CBS online game viewer thingy to work. The Saturn commercial where a fat, gray sweatered used car dealer tells us “we’re still here” has more electricity than the Siena-UL arena.

5:49 The Dayton crowd should be taken out back and shot. Since their team lost, it has been a fucking graveyard. They would have been better off replacing everyone with cardboard cutouts and piping in crowd noise a-la the Indy Colts.

6:05 I think CBS has had us on exactly the wrong game for the last 30 minutes. For the last 10 minutes the Mich St/USC game has been pretty competitive … its 40-37. And after 25 minutes screwing with the CBS livecasts, we’ve decided there’s no way its working. Let us know if you have a magic bullet.

6:26 If USC wins this game, DeMar DeRozan stands to become a highly coveted top-5 style NBA draft pick. They will talk about how he has learned, as a mere freshman, to play within himself and make explosive plays.

6:29 McNeal is the only guy doing anything for Marquette (21 pts on 4-12 shooting), and they’re behind Mizzou by around 10. Dominic James has zero points in his “comeback” game. This means Marquette is not winning the game. Also, they just switched us off the 4 pt Mich St/USC game for the Siena/UL game. God damnit.

6:39 We’re still stuck on the Siena-UL game. This game does not deserve our efforts any longer. The three people who’ve made it to the end of this post can look forward to a State of the Tournament recap tomorrow, probably including some choice words about Duke’s chances moving forward.

7:11 Note that all the games have closed to inches since we’ve stopped liveblogging. I really hope you’re watching; my championship pick is about to lose to a 6 seed. And if Louisville and Mich St gets bumped, we’re working with Marquette as the new favorite for the final 4, and by far the best story of the tourney.

7:18 We’re yelling like Gus Johnson

7:20 Marquette’s defense parted like the Red Sea.

7:22 A 68% free throw shooting freshman just got subbed in for the Mizzou guy who took the nut shot. He drained both without batting an eyelid.

7:23 There is going to be controversy; the injured guy popped right back in. And the refs called a “toe over the endline” on Marquette, which ends the game, effectively. Lets see what percentage of “Around the Horn” is dedicated to debating these calls, impotently.

7:27 And then there was a foul controversy. Which was meaningless because it was a 4 point game, but will still be debated.

7:32 So despite all that, the 1, 2, and 3 seeds all won. Still great watching.


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