Live Blog on Friday

12:19 – Just woke up and saw that Stephen F. Austin plays a midget (5’3″) – I bet he’s “scrappy”

12:22 – Syracuse definitely is way better than this team and this game should be over soon. My genius upset pick of SFA is looking to be more and more like a Special Olympics pick every minute. Obama!

12:27 – Tennessee Oklahoma St. has started and its being announced by Verne Lundquist and Bill Raftery. Can you think of a more awesomely obnoxious pair to match perfectly with having to see Bruce Pearl’s face? Good thing I still have my Bill Packer brand ear plugs.

12:31 – Nd State Kansas and Utah St Marquette are starting. I actually heard a quote that the entire state of North Dakota is VERY excited about their team in the tournament. This makes sense. There is nothing else to do in North Dakota.

12:33 – Anytime anyone on ND State does anything the crowd goes nuts. Apparently all 6,000 people in the state came to Minnesota for the game, so its like a home game for them, could be that this is a set up for an upset.

12:44 – Its official, its the first use of the phrase “heat check” Collins for Kansas is on fire and is holding off ND State singlehandedly.

12:47 – There is a promo on for the Craig Ferguson show. Has anyone ever watched that show? Seriously? By the way, it doesn’t count if you fall asleep on the couch during Letterman and wake up to Ferguson before turning off the tv to go to bed.

12:52 – I’m watching this game and thinking about what it takes to be a tournament phenomenon. You know what I mean? The player who everyone talks about – Wally Szczerbiak, Stephen Curry. There are three factors and the more towards any extreme you are of these factors the bigger you are. The lower your seed (worse team), the percentage of your teams points and obviously how far your team goes. You have to at least make it out of the first weekend to get there though. Ben Woodside on ND State is a major candidate if they can knock of Kansas though. Shoots the lights out. Added bonus is that he looks like a skinhead.

12:57 – For the first time there are four games on and four commercials. What do I do!? Bathroom break? Nawww, that’s what my diapers are for.

1:01 – Syracuse is heading to the half at SFA up 16, and the game’s not even that close. Kansas is starting to stretch this one out too as its not clear Woodside can keep hitting because he’s about the only guy on his team capable of scoring.

1:06 – Tennessee might play the ugliest brand of basketball in the country. They really should pay us to watch that crap. Bruce Pearl you self-promoting asshole (note that had no relevance whatsoever to my earlier comment, but I just hate Bruce Pearl).

1:13 – ND State is still hanging around (down 6). Utah State is down 12 and they look awful. Just awful. I think ND State could be down 12 and I would be 100 times more confident that they had a shot.

1:34 – I’m just holding out hope for one game with a buzzer beater. We almost had one yesterday when UCLA totally blew it against VCU and gave up their huge lead. They ran a terrible play and Maynor had to take an ugly fadeaway that fell way short. Doesn’t each tournament guarantee a last shot winner? I want one now!

1:38 – So I just realized that I chose ND State over Kansas. Why? I don’t really know, but now I’m really pulling for them because I’ll get to be ‘that guy’ telling everyone that I called the big upset.

1:42 – They keep talking about Woodside having 60 points against Stephen F. Austin but that 60 points is looking less and less impressive the more and more I watch SFA get spanked by Syracuse.

1:43 – Anyone’s team not in the game? Want me to get them back in it? Let me know in the comments and I’ll talk shit about them. Utah State is now down only 3.

1:53 – Ladies and gentlemen get your special viewing apparatuses ready. We have a special event occurring. North Dakota has been rocking a whitewash for most of the game, but we are near the VERY rare Double Whitewash on the floor of this game. This is special – I feel like a wildlife show host who could be approaching the rare albino python.

2:00 – There are 3 close games on right now, Utah State Marquette is an ugly one but could be very close.

2:04 – This game is very close to becoming a Woodside vs. Collins showdown. If ND State hits a couple threes they really can do this.

2:09 – I’m watching the Tennessee OK St game and the guttural groaning from Lundquist and Raftery is starting to make me feel very uncomfortable. I kind of feel like I’m stuck in the stall in between the two of them in the bathroom at a Mexican restaurant.

2:14 – Unfortunately the Kansas ND State game is looking more and more out of reach. ND state hasn’t hit a three in a long while and that’s how these teams beat higher ranked teams. They need to get on it – if not for you, do it for my bracket!

2:18 – Marquette is now losing to Utah State by 6 points. I declared this game over with 11 minutes gone in the first half. I am like a prophet. In reverse.

2:24 – Cole Aldridge is a good big man, but his personal opinion of himself is much too high. He’s dominating the inside against a team with at best mediocre big men. The  yelling and screaming after every dunk is getting tiresome. Particularly when you should realize if you’re only scoring on dunks it means the other team is bad not that you’re good.

2:26 – Tenn Ok State is tied, but there are so many guly turnovers it makes you feel like the team that plays less worse will win. Bruce Pearl! Yea!

2:27 – I’d like to point out that Gus Johnson is doing the ND State Kansas game, the potential upset combined with Gus Johnson mandates that htis have an exciting ending no?

2:31 – I’d like to apologize to this game. Tennessee Oklahoma State down to the wire. Great drive by Ok State to get to the rim with 6 seconds left, foul called and the ball rolled aroudn the rim and in. 6 seconds left! Tennessee gets their shot at a buzzer beater. Hit up the break room ladies and gents – its worth watching. Ohh yea, Utah State Marquette clsoe behind, 3 point Marquette lead with 34 seconds left.

2:34 – Tennessee  terrible last shot – we’ll get to that. Amazingly lucky bank three by Utah State to get it within 2. Marquette will be fouled now and shoot FTs (barring a steal). Someone get the O’Douls ready! Utah State could still pull off the upset.

2:38 – Utah state had a shot to tie it with a 3 and it bounced off the front rim. This one should be over barring a miracle, but still exciting. Unless he misses both FTs.

2:42 – Good morning of basketball, but I’m noticing a disturbing trend and its a total lack of preparedness for the potential game winning shot. This is the NCAA tournament right? Each of these teams has to be ready for a close finish. Yet with VCU yesterday, Tennessee (less so than the others) and Utah State, they all just broke down into 1 on 1 basketball. How is there not a play ready that everyone knows is coming? Poor coaching… Alas, done for the live blogging for today. Thanks to all that joined.


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