Live Blog of Thursday morning

Here we go!

Here we go!

12:02 – I”m here in position on the couch. Food and beer (it may be 9 am here, but its 12 pm EST) within reach. I also have my earplugs at the ready just in case Billy Packer somehow gets brought back by CBS. On a random note, don’t know how many of you saw that Gus Johnson was detained in Memphis while trying to enjoy his meal. I wonder if everything else in his life escalates disproportionately quickly. Do you think the hostess welcomed them to the restaurant and he got up in her face and said “Bitch don’t test me!?” Anyways, he’ll be announcing these games (scroll down a little). If you need to get pumped up for the tourney, I highly recommend watching this, especially if you can listen to the video right now – I wish Gus Johnson could announce every game.

12:27 – It may be early, but Butler looks completely outclassed by LSU. Plenty of time left, but if I were a betting man (hahah “if”) and I had just laid money on Butler, I would NOT be excited.

12:29 – Looks like Northridge has the ability to not have this be a total blowout, but its early.

12:34 – Texas A&M has yet to miss a shot….

12:38 – I heard something about this ealirer, but the CSUN coach has spent some time in the court room recently supporting his star player (and his son, also on the team) after they stole some computers (I think). They also lost another player to an injury in a car accident. All this and not even from an earthquake.

12:40 – You should check this out – its about Dick Vitale’s sex life .

12:41 – Tyreke Evans (Memphis’ best player) has 2 fouls and is on the bench. CSUN in the bonus now too with 12:20 left in the half.

12:47 –  BYU – The Texas A&M game looks like Kentucky – Texas Western (if you know what I mean). (thanks John)

12:54 – Memphis looks like they’ve woken up but Northridge is still very much in this. They’re playing Memphis exactly like you should, running the floor and packing it in with the zone. But Sallie is knocking down 3’s left and right and keeping Memphis up (he’s white hot right now).

1:05 – Both BYU and Butler are just ice cold. LSU is more in control of Butler than A&M is of BYU, but I feel like both of these games will get closer.

1:07 – This I also heard earlier, but this certainly bears you knowing: BYU has a player named Jimmer, yes that’s his first name.

1:12 – A couple thoughts: 1. Why is it that 8-9 games are rarely close and/or interesting. Shouldn’t logic dictate the opposite? They’re not less engaging just because true upset games are more interesting and 2. Do you think that Obama picking an underdog to win could actually turn the tide? Would that actually switch who the underdog was because the higher seeded team starts to get the underdog mentality? I think its possible. Note the possibility that an underdog he picks (one of the 2…) gets that extra boost of confidence to carry them to the win.

1:17 – Memphis is only up 3 on Northridge at the half and as much as we want to believe that Northridge can do this, Memphis has 0, repeat ZERO, field goals in the last 7 minutes. Now, that may tell us that Memphis isn’t that good, but it also tells us that Memphis will likely win this game. If you’re playing a team and they go on a 7 minute field goal drought and you’re not winning by double digits, it doesn’t look good.

1:25 – Jim Calhoun is going to miss the game today because he’s been hospitalized. Sometimes its easy to forget that these coaches are older men and can have serious health problems. I hope he gets better soon.

1:33 – Butler’s center Howard can be best described with one word – oaf. This is the second google image returned when you search for ‘oaf’. It works.

1:40 – Davis on Texas A&M just made a ridiculous shot for the ‘And 1’ but missed the FT. Memphis has broken their FG drought.

1:43 – Just saw a commercial for 6 Fast 6 Furious and it looks like its going to have as much repressed homosexuality as the first.

1:47 – Memphis CSUN is definitely the game to watch and its because Northridge doesn’t look intimidated in the slightest. thye’re playing VERY confidently considering they’re playing the #3 team in the country.

1:53 – Tim Brando jumps out to an early lead in the cheesiest line by an announcer (note that he would have been my early favorite). In response to a HUGE three by CSUN and the lead in to commercial, he blurts, they’re partying off the 405. (In reference to the freeway running to Northridge). That was the best you had Tim? Weak, very weak.

1:59 – Two great games are shaping up out of this, but it looks like BYU is done for. There goes my perfect bracket, $1,000,000 and fleeting internet celebrity.

2:01 – Memphis CSUN just had an incredible back and forth, if this game stays like this all the way through, its going to be beyond incredible.

2:06 – CSUN has a 6, yea, 6 point lead with 10 minutes left. It might be time for all of you at work to stop whatever you’re doing so you don’t miss any of this because its fantastic basketball.

2:09 – Hill (guard on CSUN) just made a sick spin move and reverse layup, best play of the tourney so far.

2:13 – I’m switching over to just the Memphis CSUN game so sorry to those who actually give a shit about Butler or LSU.

2:21 – At this point I’m rooting like the little engine that could. I think they can, I think they can, except this isn’t some poorly conceived children’s book and I’m thinking that it might be it for CSUN, but I really wnat them to keep it close.

2:23 – So it looks like Memphis is going to get out of this, and the story is actually that Roburt Sallie put Memphis on his back because he was about the only guy who showed up to play. His stat line was that he scored 35 points on 12 for 17 shooting, 10 for 15 from three. Wow, that is impressive – he’s not a starter by the way. Also, his previous career high before this was 12 points. Yea, that’s what it took for Memphis to beat a 15 seed. I think people with them in their final four should be worried. I’m looking at you Mr. President.

2:31 – Morning games are over, and I’m done blogging these so lets hope for a real upset in the next installment. I’ll be back with periodic posts later. I’ll leave you with this for hopes of an upset later.


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