Live Blog continued

8:32 – Clearly the story now is that American is beating Villanova (45 – 31 right now). It looks like we could be on our way to the first real March Madness style upset of the day.

8:38 – Jim Nantz just said “that’s pretty extreme.” Is he sponsored by Mountain Dew circa 2004?

8:41 – Jay Wright looks like he literally has no idea whats going on? Completely helpless. He might be towards the last on my list of people who could turn a team around that was playing poorly. However, below him have to be Leonard Hamilton and Mike Brey.

8:45 – Garrison Carr is a ridiculous shooter and he’s hit two straight HUGE threes to hold off the Villanova runs. If it wasn’t for him I feel like Villanova would be in control of this game. He has 18 points right now, all of them on his 6-9 from three.

8:51 – At this point, it looks like Texas has Minnesota handled and Clemson is shitting the bed. So its just a full upset alert here for FranchiseThis, switching between American up on Villanova and Akron up on Gonzaga.

8:53 – Well I may take back what I said about Clemson. It looks like they may be thinking about wiping that shit in the bed on Michigan’s ass and pretending that it wasn’t them. Michigan may end up shamed in this one and feeling like it was all their fault, never talking to Clemson again.

9:01 – American is really in trouble because not 0nly is Villanova in the bonus, but they’re getting every single call.

9:08 – Villanova has scored 11 straight and has some major momentum, not to mention having the home court advantage of playing in Philadelphia (how did that happen?)

9:17 – Somehow (Michigan has 0 FGs in the last 5 minutes) Clemson is back in this game. Down 3 with one minute left, Clemson ball.

9:22 – Another dream has died. It looks like upstart American will end up losing to Villanova. But the end of this Clemson game is good.

9:24 – Embarassingly bad forced shot by Clemson – turns out they did shit the bed at the end.

9:42 – Chose not to bring the computer to the crapper, so Duke’s coming on and I’m signing off. Join us tomorrow.


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