US Wins in Bottom of 9th

Hes celebrating that hes about to get dogpiled

He's celebrating that he's about to get dogpiled

Well, I’m just too easy. I’m such a sucker. I watched the WBC’s US v. Puerto Rico game yesterday and I loved it. It was good baseball and the US won on a David Wright (even though he’s as gay as Mike Piazza) walk-off single in the bottom of the 9th in an elimination game. I feel like that guy who calls a girl really ugly in the beginning of college and then ends up dating her two weeks later. Note that a major cost of writing down your thoughts on the internet, is that they come back to bite you in the ass, kind of like the gonorrhea the ugly girl gave you. Yesterday brought two of those for me being admitting the WBC was entertaining and the second is my prediction of Alabma state winning when Morehead State spanked them. Now who wants to see my bracket picks? Yea – nobody sounds about right.


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