UNC and the POTUS

Barack and I disagree on few things. The NCAA bracket this year is one of them. But that’s okay, I forgive the Leader of the Free World, the elected President of a nation that triumped over the largest imperialist oppressor since Rome, for not doing things the American way. I mean, since when do you have to pick underdogs and upsets? Just last year we had 4 #1 seeds in the Final Four for the first time in history. And this year we have four number one seeds … each of whom has more losses than any of the teams last year. Hmm…

I guess you can’t afford to look like a dunce, but picking Louisville and Memphis for the FF is the height of silliness, if you ask me. Follow the link above, but VCU and Temple are basically his only substantive upsets, and he’s got UNC winning it all.

Just so B.O. understands, I’ll be following his example, and won’t be picking us over the Chinese in WW3 either.

Anyway, a hypothetical about UNC: Ty Lawson may miss the first game of the tournament. Sure it’s a precaution, and Radford has as much a chance of winning as Herm Edwards’ Elite Insight does of sticking at ESPN … but taking precautions in an elimination tournament means that all is not right. And if for some reason UNC bites the dust without a national championship, and Lawson is any less than stellar, lots of people will start looking back to that second Duke game, where Roy inserted him for pretty much the whole second half despite rumor that he was quite injured. I imagine that aggravated the injury. I know it’s a Duke game, but it’s the (totally irrelevant [for good teams]) regular season, and UNC’s worst case scenario was a tie with Duke atop the ACC. I’m just saying, there’s going to be a lot of second guessing if UNC blows it. Which I will merrily participate in.

Side note: Mr. Pres, where’s the love for Reggie?

“Because of Reggie Love, I’ve got to pick Duke,” Obama said. The whole way? “No, no, not the whole way. Come on,” Obama said.

Update: In honor of Barack, I’ve created an entry for our bracket reflecting his picks, designated POTUS.  I was going to do one where higher seeds won every game, just for posterity, until I realized that our fearless leader had basically taken care of that for me.


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