Announcing: Live Blog of Thursday morning of the tournament

So while you are all sitting at work/home/wherever watching one feed of the game, I’ll have my fat ass plunked down in front of a perfect flat screen watching all the games on Mega March Madness.

I’m going to be able to tell you just how much of a used car salesman the head coach of Cal State Northridge looks like. So while you’re busy hating your life, read: me telling you how great mine is that I can watch all of these games…

UPDATE: Last chance to put a bracket in the FranchiseThis challenge, go HERE


4 Responses to Announcing: Live Blog of Thursday morning of the tournament

  1. mike says:

    Maryland graduates 10% of its players, second lowest in the entire tournament, behind such academic powerhouses as Portland State and Clemson.

    Just thought everyone should know.

  2. Machine says:

    I’ll be watching the ESPN Scoreboard at work and maybe hit up a cliche’ sports bar and grill for lunch to some face time in. While jealous of your ‘sitting on your ass at home’, I’m also making making some sweet cheddar at work as I help plan improvements on the current Earth-looting practices of the petro-giants. It’s a full day for those of us in foggy California, with first tip off at 9:20 PCT. I’m looking forward to having to watch the Duke game on the ESPN live scoreboard since i’d bet my left nut that the douche bags at CBS LA are going to fondle themselves while showing the UCLA game which occurs at the same time. ‘UCLA is the best”USC is the best”Cal is the best”California has good skiing’….California can shove it.

  3. Andrew says:

    You do know you can watch it online right?

  4. Machine says:

    the only thing i watch online is your mom. oh snap…

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