Case of the Mondays

Seriously, this day sucks like no other. As such, this column will be relatively NSFW in terms of language. Always good to have your boss tell you at 11am, “you’re never going home tonight.”

FML, but anyway, here’s some of the shittness that others have to endure:

1. Jay Cutler has apparently continued urinating all over himself (by requesting a trade), and his brilliant superagent James ‘Bus’ Cook, who masterminded the Favre un-retirement and breakup with the Packers last year, may have Cutler on the verge of going to the Lions for the 20th pick in the draft. There he can piss himself over nothing, in obscurity, where he belongs.

2. There’s no reason to give this rumor any credence, but if deadspin is reeling to write anything not NCAA related, I can too: some dude got a BJ from a Cowboy. I know Pacman has gambling/clubbing debts, but still…

3. I knew SI was still good for something. They totally missed the diamond in the rough here, but while discussing Isiah’s continuing role with the Knicks, mention that he, Billy Packer, and Bob Knight were in Vegas to tape a TV appearance together. Holy shit, who assembled that crew, Mephistopheles? Unless it was a puppy kicking competition, I cannot imagine any reason to put those three colossal douche bags in the same room.

Okay, I still feel terrible, but at least the sports world sucks right now too.

Also, before I go shoot myself in the head, fuck you, Bruce Pearl, your suit jacket is terrible and cliche, your recruiting is more tainted than the Neverland Ranch, and you don’t even deserve a 9 seed.


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