Travis Henry Belongs in the Hall of Fame

He wears his stunna shades when getting women pregnant

He wears his stunna shades when getting women pregnant

The Wilt Chamberlain Hall of Fame that is. In this New York Times story, they say that he has 9 different children by 9 different women, all between the ages of 3 and 11. Now THAT takes dedication and determination. Beyond being a prolific pro-creator, he’s broke and on house arrest for drug charges. Quite the lucky streak you’re on there Travis, if only no NFL team were interested in you despite decent career numbers, oh, what’s that? You’re out of work too?

Who else belongs in this hall of fame with him you ask? Shawn Kemp is the first name that comes to mind with 12 little overweight, wasted talent children running around. Evander has at least 9 children out of wedlock as well, though none are missing ear parts, so we can’t be sure they’re his. Special shoutout to a player who you’ve likely never heard of, Jason Caffey, who has 8 kids by 7 women, which is really something because if we’ve never heard of him he must have game with the ladies.


3 Responses to Travis Henry Belongs in the Hall of Fame

  1. John says:


    Now 11 kids by 10 different women! The train keeps on rolling. Full speed ahead!

  2. John says:

    By the way if you didn’t check out that link, it says that before these latest two kids, Henry had to pay 17K A MONTH in child support payments.

  3. […] Where’s the nuance then? This is where it really gets interesting. What’s the worst thing that can happen to you when you’re taking a dump? Answer is obvious right? Not having any toilet paper. What’s the athlete equivalent? Its a woman trying to have your baby. Both are way worse than the obvious problems, but its hard to see outright.  If you don’t have toilet paper, you’ll be rubbing your ass crack all day/night and will likely shit stain your underwear. If an athlete gets a random woman pregnant he pays for it for the next 18 years with major child support payments, and if he does it enough times, he ends up being in the Wilt Chamberlain hall of fame. […]

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