WBC gets an upset

All Your Fault!

All Your Fault!

Yesterday, the Netherlands beat the Dominican Republic for the second time in the World Baseball Classic to eliminate a lot of people’s favorite to win the whole thing before they got out of pool play. The Dominican Republic’s roster makes a combined salary of 84 million dollars in MLB this year (109 if you count the injured A-Rod), and the Netherlands team makes a combined 400K in major league salaries. This is a great story and makes me almost want to take back the previous post about the WBC, almost being the key.

This is the equivalent of a Franchise This reader (handsome and charming as you all are) going out with your retarded half brother on two different nights and both times losing out to him while going after the same hot girl. Maybe one time you could explain it as a pity thing, but twice in a row? Unfathomable! For everyone but you its awesome, but shame and humiliation for you are guaranteed (and deserved).

Also, for those of you who saw the higlights of the game and asked the obvious question: why are there no awkwardly tall white guys on the Netherlands team? Well, the answer is that the Netherlands is the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which includes Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles, likely where all of the baseball in the Kingdom is played. Also do you think anyone in the Netherlands is going to pick their face up from a bong or from in between a prostitutes legs to even watch highlights? Doubtful.

UPDATE: Another nation in the Kingdom of Netherlands is Curacao, home of Andruw Jones (who is not playing).


2 Responses to WBC gets an upset

  1. Bryan says:

    Glad to see you guys reporting on Dutch sporting domination. Thanks for the shout out about Dutch people being tall and handsome. I know you were talking about me. As far as the appearance of the Dutch players, most of the Dutch soccer team looks the same way, although they are from the true Netherlands, but I bet you are right about most of these Dutch players being Caribbean. Do any of the Dutch players play in the minors or other leagues? It’s hard to believe that only two of them play baseball full time.

  2. Andrew says:

    Here’s a good article about the different players on the roster that have some affiliation with major league franchises.

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