This Week’s Sign of the (Sportswriting) Apocalypse



ESPN’s conference-by-conference NFL bloggers have always been atrocious. Bill “Fat Fuck” Williamson really upped the ante with his latest post about the Jay Cutler situation. Somehow this has made ESPN’s frontpage, as of this post, and is the second leading item. As much as I love ESPN, their website is really poorly put together.

Here’s a two-paragraph sneak peak at the type of Woodward & Bernstein reporting you’ll be getting into if you follow the above link:

“The conference call was anything but genial and the two sides are now further apart than prior to it, the source said. The source added that the Broncos’ tone of the conference call was as if Cutler created the situation by asking for the trade and not the other way around.

A Broncos source with knowledge of the discussions said that two sides did not grow further apart in Monday’s conference call and that issues were discussed openly and it was re-emphasized to Cutler he will not be traded.”

It’s the biggest non-story I’ve ever read — two completely divergent, totally factless blow-by-blow’s of a conference call. Bill Williamson should be summarily fired, and perhaps taken out to pasture like the glutton in Se7en (no link is being offered. If you really want to see that scene again, go rent the movie).


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