Alex Smith still needs a waffle maker

He clearly didnt have a complete breakfast

He clearly didn't have a complete breakfast

Here’s a great post over at Deadspin, which has the gift registry for Alex Smith’s upcoming nuptials to his hot fiancee. If you have nothing but free time on your hands (like me) you can figure out that the sum total of remaining gifts is $2,804.87. There actually is football relatedness to this because he just restructured his contract and he will earn $4 million this year. Don’t you think he should be buying gifts for 49ers fans’ weddings at this point? I mean, talk about a waste of a draft pick and money (on a separate note – is the bay area an NFL black hole? I think so, no Raiders pun intended).

Special reader of the week award is available to anybody who buys Alex Smith something for his wedding and puts FranchiseThis as the name. A towel set could come from you for only $18.99. Wouldn’t that price be worth it just to cause awkward confusion for when they sit down to pay someone to write their thank you notes?


One Response to Alex Smith still needs a waffle maker

  1. Pave Stones says:

    I don’t know who ‘Mike’ is, but he sounds short, bearded, and angry. I’ll bet he wears leather jackets and bounces around when he walks.

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