Monday, Monday

"This haircut helps conceal my forehead's precipitous growth."

"This haircut helps conceal my forehead's precipitous growth."

1. Duke: Sweet 16.  Just like every year.  I almost think Coach K should go do a two-year swan song in the NBA.  He’s got the respect of the league and the players after the Olympics, and he can keep stars for more than one year.  I hear they argue with refs a lot and don’t need to do any actual coaching, too.

2. Who pays Darren Sproles $6.62 million and then tries to sign the rapidly-declining, 29 year-old, bad-attitude, no-show in January LT?  Shawne Merriman’s steroid dance “lights out” must have been inspired by the behavior of the front office.

3. I’m not linking anything here because everyone knows TO went to the Bills and there’s not much more to say about it.  Except I can’t wait for Trent Edwards and Dick Jauron to try to regulate on him.  What’s that noise, you say?  Oh, that’s the sound of Lee Evans committing hari kari.


3 Responses to Monday, Monday

  1. adelfio says:

    1) I think it would be exciting to watch Coach K mix it up in the NBA. I’d give him a decent chance at being successful, though we have generally seen him thrive the most when there hasn’t been an equal playing field (Duke’s recruiting power in the 90’s, coaching the best few players in the world at the ‘lympics).

    In your opinion, what would you say the chances are of him actually taking that plunge? I’d say it’s fairly low (maybe 10%), but I’ve always found him hard to read…

    2) I do agree that LT has a bad attitude, but I didn’t really loathe him until I watched him these past couple years in the playoffs. His lack of production would signal to me that signing him while aiming for a world championship is just foolish. I think part of it probably has to do with the front office wanting to be loyal to a player who meant so much to their fan base over the years. But they really should keep in mind that this is a business and 2 weeks into this upcoming season the fans would’ve moved on and their team would’ve been better for it…

  2. Bryan says:

    What makes you both say that LT has a bad attitude? He has been cursed with injuries, mostly because he carries so much of the offensive load. Sproles is not durable enough to be a starting back, and any team would love to have a healthy LT at any point in the season, especially January.

  3. mike says:

    Right, that’s why the Sproles move was unwise.

    LT has always disappeared in January. There is the famous game vs the Pats in which he sat on the sideline, 20 yards from any teammates, maybe-or-maybe-not injured, with his visor/helmet on, for the entire game. After this, a flurry of articles posited that he was a big douchebag. Since we already have plenty of confirmation that Rivers and Merriman are douches, and we know San Diego is destined to always choke in the playoffs regardless of talent level, it seems that the glove fits.


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