Eagles Batten Down Hatches For Recession

Philly is preparing for the worst. For years, they’ve been the only major American city that is actually shrinking. And as the recession glibly parades around the world, rearing its head if you will, they are flat out terrified. First they cut Brian Dawkins. Now this:

The Eagles just laid off a six-year veteran employee for posting a Facebook status update that he considered the Eagles mentally handicapped for letting Dawkins go. Ever opportunistic, the Eagles sent a message to all who would dare mock their franchise, and simultaneously saved some pennies by calling the dude and terminating his employment. As a game-day gate employee. You know, the ones who take the tickets. To wit:

“Dan is [expletive] devastated about Dawkins signing with Denver. . .Dam Eagles R Retarted!!”

Dan is not familiar with irony.

ESPN got this story approximately 4.5 hours after Deadspin.com if you check the article timestamps. Just for the record.


One Response to Eagles Batten Down Hatches For Recession

  1. matt says:

    Mike is funny. Mike likes Redskins. Redskins spend lots on injury-prone veterans who suck. Redskins hate playoffs. But they spend money! Yayyyy.

    But yes, Philly should be ashamed for cutting Dawkins, since we certainly didn’t spend the 2008 playoffs game-planning around his slowness on deep routes.

    Re: the employee…low-hanging fruit, gents.

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