Game Log UNC vs. Duke

Mike: Michael Jordan is at the game.  The question is, how much money does he have riding on the 8.5 point line? The other question (well, it’s more of a prayer) is, will MJ come run UNC into the ground like he did with every other franchise he’s touched since 1998?

Mike: Jon Scheyer just got himself trapped during an attempted heat check.  Are white guys allowed to do heat checks?

Mike: Actually not the final update.  Someone I’m with just noted that Tyler looks like a meerkat.  It was a good one.  Also, he does a Manning Face when he doesn’t get a call he expects.

FINAL UPDATE: no more updates – its annoying. See ya later.

Halftime Update from Mike: half our readership is in the room.

There is no way you can win a basketball game when you shoot approximately 85% and yet go into the half up one point.  Gerald Henderson and Kyle Singler have already gone off.  Each of them tends to blow up for approximately 7 minutes of each game, and brick threes/scream in anguish for the other 33.  I have already convinced myself that there is no way we are winning this game.  Barring a breakout second half from Brian Zoubek.

Despite all this negativity, the 30-different-angle-montage of Tyler bleeding all over the court that CBS showed did a great deal to cheer me up.

4:02 – Its just been announced that Ty Lawson will be playing in the game despite initial reports of his “injury.” Roy Williams pulling a classic move here. In fact, you could call this a Coach K-esque move. Two classy guys.

4:16 – Really CBS? REALLY!? We’re really interested in the Illinois State – Northern Iowa game. No, not the best rivalry in college sports. Fuck that! Midmajors are awesome!

(Game times will be reference from here) 9:44 – This looks like its going to be a good game, but its hard to tell considering that we haven’t watched the entire game. However, it certainly looks like UNC is much more athletic and should win this game, but if Kyle Singler stays hot Duke has a chance at the end.

9:25: an actual person we associate with says this: “I want to jerk off Gerald”

3:33: “Duke scores on 7 straight possessions” as a statistic leads to Greg Paulus shooting an awful three and swinging the momentum. Is there any more hatable athlete in college sports?


3 Responses to Game Log UNC vs. Duke

  1. John says:

    Fuck this game. Fuck everything about. We played terrible defense. They shot the fucking lights out. One of the most one-sided officiating I have ever fucking seen in a Duke-UNC game. Seriously fuck this. Fuck this right in the ass.

    We need a shitload of more talent.

  2. John says:

    By the way, their senior class fucking owned ours. 6-2. Fucking embarrassing. Fuck.

  3. matt says:

    I tend to agree with the second of my distinguished colleague’s comments above. It is certainly a nice gift to the nation that Duke gave up its coaches and recruiting for 3 years (while on full pay from the nonprofit university, by the by) while UNC did neither and reaped the results.

    But besides that structural complaint over recruiting, I do think our team looks a lot better than we have the past few seasons at this point. I know that’s little comfort and I am usually not the fan to say this kind of stuff (See Philly upbringing for details), but I think that if we get a stop at any of those 3 possessions K referred to postgame, we are right there for a win on the road vs arguably the best team in the country on their senior night. We shot poorly in the second half, which was a shame, but we were still in a position to win. Anyway, my point is that if we play with that kind of (ahem) “fight” or intensity or whatever K-speak you choose, we should be able to beat some 7 or 8 seeds along the way in a few weeks (and possibly have an easier time vs., say, a 15 seed).

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