Old Guard

This week, Bill Simmons did a mailbag column.  It was pretty solid, with highlights including a who’s-who of bromances in pop culture/sports over the past few decades.

This week, Rick Reilly wrote the same heartwarming/athlete-indicting/tearjerking column he’s written 500 times.

But last night, after a lengthy conversation with my roommate about the state of The Media At Large and how they’re coping with the Hyper-Critical and Largely Unproductive Blogosphere, he pointed me to the work of a sportswriter named William Nack.  This dude, much like the MWC conference’s commish, is pretty Gentlemanly.  In speaking engagements, he has been known to cite F Scott Fitzgerald and Cormac McCarthy as inspiration.  It’s true, narrative storytelling.

While it may not be as funny as going on a tirade about “Erick Dampier’s Expiring Contract,” you’ll feel better about yourself, and remember why you like sports.  If you want more, go here.


One Response to Old Guard

  1. Andrew says:

    Best comment of the mailbag: “(Guy’s name) … would hang myself if the ceilings in my apartment weren’t too short.”

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