Manny Introduced

Nobody loves Manny like Manny

Nobody loves Manny like Manny

One final update to Manny that I want to post here on top instead of to the old Manny post. This is the call Manny made to TJ Simers yesterday:

The phone rings. It’s the end of the day, everyone gone home save the media. The voice is familiar — the giggle unmistakable.

“You want to come over to my house at six tomorrow morning,” Manny says. “We can watch the sun come up — you know, just like Frank McCourt and I did the other day.”

The Show has officially begun.

PS – Sorry that I keep posting on Manny, but its like a kid getting a new toy or more accurately: that kid in highschool who’s a huge loser, but somehow gets a decent looking girl from another school, so he brings her to everything as if that will somehow validate him as being cool, but we all know she’s dumping his ass in the next few weeks – hope you enjoyed her grazing your dick that one time asshole!


One Response to Manny Introduced

  1. John says:

    What is the deal with this guy? I thought he was already on the Dodgers? (I don’t follow baseball at all).

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