The Manny Has Landed

High five all around for the Doyers!

High fibes all around for the Doyers!

He’s baaaaaack. As if he ever left, seriously. This is the biggest non-story story, but its still exciting for Dodger fans. Most of the money is deferred, so at least the McCourt’s can keep their home in Malibu, which incidentally is where the final meeting took place (McCourt will probably try and write off his mortgage payments as a business expense now). Here’s a few of Manny’s quotes from his conversation with TJ Simers, the resident LA Times hatchet man and maybe the only truly honest sportswriter in LA:

At the beginning of his phone call to Simers yesterday: The phone rings, and the voice sounds familiar, the giggle unmistakable.”It’s me,” Manny Ramirez says, “your girlfriend.”

In response to his classic Manny line “gas is up and so am I,” (which he said to Dodger fans two days after Matt Stairs ripped out their hearts and took a washed up-post steroids dump all over it), Manny says: “No, gas isn’t up any more, but the price of milk is the same.”

Simers on another comment, which might be the best part of the article: “The economy is making everyone adjust. I will be happy to play for L.A., win and win a couple Gold Gloves just like Andruw Jones.” At least he didn’t say, “hit like Andruw Jones.”

And, finally: “Tell everyone Mannywood is coming — now go call Jeff Kent.”

If this is what we can expect from Manny with a friendly media in L.A., I think this should be a very entertaining year, dreadlock hats notwithstanding.


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  1. […] final update to Manny that I want to post here on top instead of to the old Manny post. This is the call Manny made to TJ Simers […]

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