Superman Aint Saving Shit

Lots of Youtube’s in this one.

The first thing to do is watch Shaq commit the silliest looking flop since the last time Manu Ginobli wasn’t hurt.

Turning on his former teams, coaches, and shooting guards is par for the course for the self-proclaimed Big Cactus/Aristotle/Diesel/Superman.

But who knew he would continue to be so petty with his obvious heir to the throne? Well, unless you bothered to extrapolate from his career-long pattern of selfish behavior and offensive fouls.

But with actual regard to the way he’s playing … The last 5 games have really driven home that Shaq is playing with his ego, not his brain. Shaq by the numbers: 35 minutes a night, less than a week shy of his 37th birthday, with a 360 pound frame = a huge April slump for the Suns. Gentry needs to make sure Shaq saves up some energy for a stretch/playoff run. I know he’s taking over games and whatnot, but they’ve still lost 3 of their last 6. Now that Nash is back, I guess we can see if they rest Shaq a bit more … but I’d have been trying to win when both my remaining HoF’ers were on the floor.

Note: I still think Shaq is absolutely hilarious and uniquely media-friendly off the court, and Howard’s self-aware attempts at theatrical goofiness will never be as funny.


4 Responses to Superman Aint Saving Shit

  1. adelfio says:

    I hate flopping as much as anyone (if not more, since as a soccer player/fan, the prevalence of flopping has fueled the argument of ignorants (ie mike) that soccer is a soft sport). As a result, I rarely forgive anyone for committing a flop no matter the sport or situation. Interestingly, when I saw shaq’s flop this morning, I didn’t find myself angry at him for doing so. Without me being attuned to it, it seems Shaq has earned a universal ‘get out of jail free’ card in my eyes, due to his body of work as a non-flopper, multiplied by his hilarious off-the-court antics

  2. mike says:

    I can’t stop looking at flops. I’m working myself up into a frenzy. They need to incorporate that damn rule and start calling technicals on egregious floppers.

    Here, go hate Robert Horry even more than you did:

  3. Andrew says:

    Flopping aside (I agree that Shaq has a get out of jail free card for everything, especially after embarrassing Dwight Howard like this in the All-Star game). However, its interesting to note that Shaq is in the middle of this 3-game stretch: Lakers, Orlando then Miami. Could this have something to do with his extra energy?

  4. […] portly Magic coach, not the skinny ex-coach-turned-broadcaster), has hot fire to spit at all times. After taking on Shaq less than a month ago (and 100% without a doubt winning when he said, “Shaq’s a sensitive guy”), […]

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