Follow up on Shaq’s earlier pettiness before and upon being bested by Dwight and his team.  This really put me in a mood.

Shaq again demonstrates that he can dish it out but not take it, with probably the most unjustified and unfunny tirade of his entire career, directed at Stan Van Gundy, who had earlier made fun of his flop.  Shaq wasn’t even clever or funny, and the ESPN reporter made sure to note how Shaq went out of his way to repeat his rant as additional reporters walked in the room.

I feel bad for everyone who’s ever had to share the stage playing with or against him.  Next time I watch the Scrabble ad, I won’t consider him quite so lovably hilarious.  And I am really hoping Jeff Van Gundy takes a verbal dump on his head next time ESPN carries a Suns game.  Or better yet, if Phil Jackson makes a public remark about all this.

Who knows, I may take this really far and unsubscribe from his twitter feed.


2 Responses to Escalator

  1. Andrew says:

    Boy nothing beats a senseless Jeff Van Gundy rant, well maybe except his Honda Civic getting blown away by a jet engine.

  2. […] So Simple! So I was thinking about unsubscribing from Shaq’s twitter feed, by way of reciprocity for his comments about Stan, one of the loveable Van Gundy […]

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