Duke Wins Ugly

Or is that ugly Duke wins?

Or is that "ugly Duke" wins?

Final Score: Duke wins 84 – 81 (Duke down 40 – 34 at the half)

Positives: Emergence of Gerald Henderson in crunch time, Offense in the second half

Negatives: First half transition defense, Inability to stop Toney Douglas, Coming out flat (even with seniors starting), Poor rebounding, Disappearance of Henderson during most of the game, Nolan Smith with ear plugs in on the bench looking like an idiot

Four observations about this game:

1. Florida State is the exact kind of team you run into in the tournament. They had one guy who couldn’t be stopped and a few guys who were big inside. The way Duke played at home has to bring to light serious doubts about this team’s tournament future.  As if their recent tournament past wasn’t reason to doubt enough.

2. Gerald Hendrson is a big time clutch performer (9 points in the final 1:37), but lets be reasonable, he was nowhere to be found until that point (yea, that’s right Cameron Crazies, I insulted your idol). A little more consistency from him and this isn’t that close of a game.

3. Lance Thomas was injured and I think its a problem because that means more time for Zoubek, who is horribly awkward. I’m going to take this opportunity to stump for more time for Plumlee because I actually think he’s athletic and can contribute.

4. The box score doesn’t quite show you how good Toney Douglas was. He hit every shot that mattered, with the exception of the last one. If Leonard Hamilton wasn’t such a terrible coach I would say that Florida State has a real shot in the tournament this year.

Prediction: Sweet 16 … just like every year.


4 Responses to Duke Wins Ugly

  1. John says:

    After the game was over, I looked over to my dad and commented that I was so grateful that this was the last time I ever had to watch Paulus play at Cameron. He threw me a giant high-five and shouted, “The national nightmare is over!”

    True story.

  2. Andrew says:

    We made it! Yes we Did!

  3. John says:

    Now THIS is ‘Change I can believe in!’

  4. matt says:

    Yeah, I think the problem with the game wasn’t struggling with Florida State at home – they are athletic and big and we aren’t, so…no news there – it was the injury report released today. Lance with a sprained ankle is listed at day-to-day, and Scheyer (!) is said to have an ankle sprain as well, though I had no idea that happened. With Zoubek’s nose broken and Smith looking like a pre-K special needs kid, we are in pretty tough straits heading into the stretch run here.

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